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Can't We All Just Be Friends?

SamsGirl2002's picture
on August 18, 2007 - 12:08am

HMMM....If it's Friday, it must be time for a visit from...DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN....The Drama-Llama!!! I have decided to avoid posting in those threads, unless I'm completely overcome by a desire to have my A$$ kicked!!!! I hate being involved in confrontation!!!! I guess the thing about those threads is that they may start out as someone merely trying to make a point, and they quickly disintegrate into an angry, name-calling, screaming free-for-all. Except the one today...I understand the point the person was trying to make...but was it REALLY NECESSARY to call someone a "name" in the initial post? That's just looking for a fight...and it's also not what Josh would want of us. Makes the "wonderful fans" that he brags about so much about look like a bunch of nit-picking b*tches!!!! And that reflects badly on him...maybe we should think about that kind of thing for a minute.... my soapbox because I have far more important things to think about.

I am going to be so D*MN busy in the next couple of days getting ready to go on our 3 concert extravaganza!

In 3 more days, I'm going to be in Nampa Idaho with my friend Joivana in the FRONT FREAKIN' ROW!!!!

And in one week, I'll be with my friend Donna in Stockton, taking her to her first (and hopefully not last LOL) Josh concert!!! I'll get her Grobanized yet. hahaha

I'm so looking forward to my time off. Not that I didn't just have time off, but a long weekend with the in-laws just doesn't compare to a week of going "Joshing!"

My mind has been completely NOT on work this week. Well, that's not completely true...I did ok last night. But then again, it wasn't very busy, so I didn't have to think about work much.

I met a girl last night whose mom is a member of FOJG. She's a nurse from Canada and she works in OB. (No, it's not Angela, aka "Symphanie from the board!" although that's what I thought as I was typing it!!! haha) Anyway, she said she was going to tell her mom that we're (Grobanites) "everywhere." And I laughed and said, "Yeah...even in Elko, Nevada."

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