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My First Live Concert Experience with Josh!

Josh0sing4me's picture
on August 19, 2007 - 12:41pm

This had to be the most thrilling and exciting night of my life! I finally had my chance to watch Josh live in Winnipeg at the MTS Centre! It was INCREDIBLE!!! I was 17 rows away from the stage!

I was truly blown away by the fantastic light show on the stage and of course, his beautiful voice. The part that I wasn't expecting was during the song "In Her Eyes" when he was in the audience shaking hands. He came past my row and I bulldozed my mom to the side to see him up close. That's not all that happened!

Later on during the show, I made my way towards the stage, since other girls were crowding around there too. I had a camera and I was taking up-close shots of him. Not only that, I touched his hand! I couldn't believe it for a sec, but then I was like "WOW!!!"

As you can tell by reading this, I definitely had a BLAST! I'm hoping that when he has another tour, he will be back.

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