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a baptism

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on August 19, 2007 - 1:53pm

Today we attended the baptism of our niece's brand new baby boy, Braden. I don't know what on earth made me think I could do this! But God gave me the strength to stay, although I shook and cried almost the entire time. When I finished crying they let me hold the baby. And I held him for a long time! He felt so good in my arms, and he was such a good baby. He didn't fuss or cry; he mostly slept. That's one of the things that made today so difficult. Jacob was a very good baby too. He rarely fussed, mostly when he was gassy and his tummy hurt.
I told Jen, our niece, to come over when she had the energy and time to pick up some clothes for Braden. I gave away Jacob's newborn clothes to a charity that deals with unwed moms, but there are so many more items that Elizabeth must have bought on sale, for when Jacob would grow into them, things that had not even been worn yet!
Jennifer had said that she couldn't bring herself to call me, that she broke down and cried every time she tried to call me. I understand only too well! But now that we've seen each other and talked, it will be easier. I also let her know that going through Jacob's clothes won't be easy, so I'll cry. It's OK.
Yesterday I found one of Jacob's newborn blankets that appeared out of nowhere. I thought that I had gathered all of them, washed them and put them away. My husband must have brought this one up from the basement, along with some of Elizabeth's other things (we're still sorting). I ended up sitting on the floor, crying into this blanket.

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