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Sunday, day after... (PCD)

vijaykumar's picture
on August 19, 2007 - 11:12pm

Yesterday was out of this world!!.The M & G, getting to know other Grobies in person, and the concert was just SO WONDERFUL!!

I got lucky when I went to LA, during IHE... not this time... though I got a video of it! (my @#%^& of camera kept on taking blury pics!, apparently it fared better takin' videos)

Got to go up to the stage the last 1/2 song (Machine),and the three encores!!

After... hoped he'd go out at the buses, it was raining, but he did come out!! HE'S JUST GREAT!.

He must have wanted to go earlier with his family, but he stayed to say hi and do some signing... GOD LOVE HIM! (his parents were there,i saw his mom at the bus door). I also so his brother earlier... walking Sweeney! got to pet Sweeney!

O well... I'm gonna take a few days to download the pics and vids to my computer, it's too hard right now with the PCD. I'm not crying, well not now anyway, cried very little but i have this awful knot on my chest... and it feels also as if my heart's being wrinckled.
It will go away... i'll just need acouple of days...


(i wonder if he got to listen the Bolivian Music CDs i got compiled for him... Hope he likes my Country's folkloric music...)

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