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I'm Back Baby!!!

Veronica1776's picture
on August 20, 2007 - 11:21pm

I'm back!!! And Ready for the concert baby!!! I just saw the video with Josh on the Segway (think that is how you spell it) he was funny I would have fallen a couple of times. The trip was excellent, we could not go to CanCun because of the Tropical Storm now Huracaine Dean, I had to come back, I could not miss this concert and the M & G !!! I missed you guys, I always come and check out the new entries. It was hard not being able to. Hope I did not miss alot, tell me all that is new, my awesome lil' bro Moises programmed the Ellen Degeneres so I can watch him, I have missed him so much. I wonder if he can sing "When you say you love me" at the concert? It is dedicated to my son Alfonso, he is autistic and you cannot begin to imagine how I feel when he says "I love you, mom!!" Well, I can try. Missed you all terribly.

Bye for now,

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