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Sleepy Time!

MrsWendy's picture
on August 22, 2007 - 5:01am

As none of you may be aware, im in the Uk at the moment as a nanny caring for two small children (with a third on its way!!).

Today, my two kids got in a fight, resulting in the younger of the two, Isobel, to start crying. She was on the point of hysterics when i intervened. It was around nap time, so i tried to settle her before putting her to bed. She just wouldnt settle! I found her favourite toy and gave it to her, but still no settling. Fave blanket, same deal. I was getting a bit frustrated by this point in time. I put Josh's album in the cd player to calm me down, and as soon as Isobel heard him start singing, she settled right down! She was asleep before the end of the first song! It just goes to show that his music does wonders not only for us "grown-ups" but for the little tykes too!

God Bless you Josh Groban, for making music!

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