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why do women put up with this crap?

vijaykumar's picture
on August 24, 2007 - 12:10pm

Ever been in a situation where you know TOO much and you cant do a dammed thing about it? If you read my previous entry, you'll know a little background!
My BIL is coming home from his most recent deployment today and I know my sister loves him but he REALLY is a jacka$$...both her and I are going back to work..but we had to find out the girls school and gymnastics schedules and see who had to be home when..he's gonna be away for 7 months and one of us has to be home with them so we're in the process of trying to figute out who should work when and where. etc (I NEED to make at LEAST $10/hr so I can pay them my rent AND save money to move back home!!) Well today he went off on her bc *I* hadn't found a job yet..well um, yeah,while they were away I HAD to be at home with the dog..and I dont think he ralizes that i've given my sister EXTRA money BOTH months i've been here, plus treated them to countless meals out, bought the girls toys, and just today I handed my sister an extra $50 for food. I help around the house, watch the kids...its not like I sit on my butt all AM going to get a job...In fact Monday I'm going over to the board of Ed to apply for teachers assistant postions. I'll work ANYWHERE at first but we DO have to accomdate the girls...
Plus the way he treats her is HORRIBLE..i'm SURE he's cheating on her..(He found a way that it's "okay" bc its "consented"..I'm sorry THAT'S still cheating in my eyes!! PLUS I think there's others and my sister is compromisng her morals to keep him happy and I KNOW its KILLING her! He's a down and out PIG and just a jerk and puts her down all the time..calls her lazy when the poor girl doesnt even sit down for a SECOND (while he sits and talks to other women online all night) It just PISSES me off to NO I know why she has no patience with the girls and is always so down!! Plus his "girlfrined" is "Friends" with my sister but she tells Jerry EVERYTHING she promises my sister she wont (I have to "disappear" next wnkd and stay a hotel bc she's coming to visit) its soo effed up man! I think I should be able to deduct the cost of the hotel from my rent, but I wont dare suggest it! I think there's more going on with this chick then my sister knows about.
We both have low self esteem bc of our childhoold and yeah I ended up knee deep in an emotionally abusive relationship but I got out of it..damn all I did was found a note that he wrote about a girl he had a CRUSH on and I was GONE..I would NEVER EVER EVER tolerate ANY form of cheating (my BIL cheated on her with her "best friend" 3 years ago,right after she had the baby..I woulda left his a$$ then) I dont know if she's afraid of being alone or worried about the girls..I told her that they can sense something is up (shoot, it may be why they ACT the way they do) and its not good to sujbect them to what we went thru growing up!! I wish she had enough self esteem to stand up to this jerk and tell him off!!
It just IRKS me and it hurts me like HELL to see her hurting! Cheating is NEVER okay..she shouldn't have to do that sh*t to keep him happy! If he wants to play the field, he should be single!
I KNEW I was here for a reason..its to help and when I dont know..but I'm here for her and I just pray that she wakes up and stops taking his crap!!!!!

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