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Stockton Rawked!!

lorib1959's picture
on August 26, 2007 - 4:29pm

I'm still on a high from a couple nights ago. I was glad to meet some of you altho not all & I might not have all the names to faces yet. Thats one thing I like about M&Gs even informal ones where we can put a picture to a baordname. I know I didn't too much talking mainly just listened in. But had fab. time with Melissa< Doris, her hog & others at the pizza place. I think some of the later It was also great seeing JoMay, Linda (stellablue) & meeting Janice (joshfan7) who were also at the San Jose show & meeting others. I had a blast even waiting in line at the arena waiting to go in even in the blazing sun. Just talking w/ others made the time go a little faster. And when the doors open I went to find my seat & an usher showed me the roe & told me to count the seats to find my number since only every few seats were marked & there weren't row #'s and didn't realize until after Angelique started her performance that I was in someone elses seat that mine was a row ahead of me. Row 2 in Floor 3 was missing and so had miscounted had miscounted so got to sit a row closer. It was an amazing night. You know I wasn't surpriesed about the buses not stopping with the trip up ahead to go south but it was for me an "afterglow" type of atmosphere. Just a way to mingle a little bit more before heading off to wherever everyone was going after. And when Darren appaared I knew then that Josh had already left. But it was nice to say hi to Darren & talked w/ Angela (symphanie) for a few minutes on the phone. She had called me during the show & left a message on my voice mail. but I was a little nervous w/ the event staff watching us like hawks that I left my phone in my purse until after the show when we were waiting by the busses. I know I didn't sleep much that night but wanted to get a few zzz's before I needed to go home the next day. I had breakfast in the hotel's restaurant in the morning & took a walk. I was still a little sore from walking from the hotel to the arena but didn't care. Wanted to check the malls out & relive the night before. And just thinking I almost thought about not going I'm really glad I did. Next time I'll try to get closer & sit among more & more Grobies. Anyway thats about it from me

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