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Just back from Anaheim

suzypooh's picture
on August 26, 2007 - 11:33pm

It was wonderful of course. It was so great to see everyone, but it was so fast and furious a pace, we barely had time to say hello. Josh was fantastic and the entire band - they video taped the concert too. So the songs were in a different order than what they usually do. Josh joked around a lot - he was really funny tonight with that giant fortune cookie somebody gave him - he opened it and said clean up on aisle 5. Everybody held up their pink hearts during IHE - Josh walked right by me - I didn't get to touch him, but I saw him up close. Saw all the band out by the busses, but no autographs and Josh didn't show. Tim Curly was so sweet though - he came over just as everyone was starting leave - security was running us off and giving us a hard time. Tim gave me the biggest hug and I got a beautiful picture with him, but the dang camera messed it up and I lost it. But I have a sweet memory of Tim's hug just the same. He is such a kind person. Tarigh brought his mother to the busses and showed her his bus. I saw Dale the hairdresser guy - I met him a couple of times in Verona and again in Norfolk I believe it was. Might have been TExas though. Oh well, this is my last concert for this leg. If Josh does a signing for the Christmas CD -I'm there.

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