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njanja's picture
on August 27, 2007 - 8:51am

Ok, so for those of you wondering, Croatia is in Europe. The best way to find it is to look for Italy and right next to it is Croatia. I live in the capital city, Zagreb(the best city in the world). And now for the news... Well, there aren't any really. School starts in a week (yeey for that), and I'm bored to death, counting the days 'till my fojg package comes and the hoodie I ordered and the news that Josh will return to Frankfurt (if God willing) and in the meantime I'm counting the days 'till Chirstmas Eve and the Christmas CD (now a real yeey). My brother's STILL at home, pretending to be studying for his entrance exam (as if!), I'm trying to stay positive but reality is too painful. My best friend is going to Amsterdam tomorrow and she promised to bring me back a reproduction or a poster of Girl with the pearl earring. So that's SOMETHING to look forward to. I've started saving for Frankfurt (just in case Josh returns, I'm hooked and there's NO turning back- like I would want to). And that's pretty much it. The horrible Gremlins are at it again and I can't log on to the boards (that's so depressing)so I'll keep trying. I hope it will work this time. Until next time, bye bye! ;)

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