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new friends

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on August 28, 2007 - 8:18pm

In the last couple of days , I have gotten to talk with Wyatt .
He's been really sweet and is a very warm and generous person .
He has a tough job and it only makes it harder for him and the rest of the moderators when people run to them with their tattle tails out and ready to attack .
We are all supposed to be in this together to support , appreciate , and spread the Josh .
If you don't like a tv program ,change it .
If you don't like a radio station , move on .
Please , if you don't like a thread , stay out of there and mind your own business !!!!!!
Let the moderators do their jobs , and let's all stick to our own , whatever it is you may do .
We should love , honor , and support this amazing man and his family by living through example .
I find that people who have to tear someone else down are generally unhappy in their own lives and this makes themselves feel better .
The feeling will only last for a moment and then they find someone else to attack , or attack the same person on a different level .
Look within yourself and find the truth .
"It's easier to put on house slippers , than to carpet the world ."
Godspeed ,

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