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Josh Groban in Salt Lake City, August 28, 2007

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on August 29, 2007 - 11:22am

Josh Groban’s concert was amazing!!! He is so much fun live. I was distracted all day. As soon as I was done with school I went home and took a nap so that I would have energy. On the sign that tells the upcoming events it said, “Josh Groban … tonight … 7:30” and every time I saw it I just smiled. I knew that this concert was going to be so much fun. Amber was at our house when I got there. She came to the concert with Mom and Dad and I. We rode the TRAX up to Salt Lake. The train was full. Everyone looked so happy. Most of them got off at the Energy Solutions Arena with us. They were Grobanites. They were going to the same concert I was and I was going to see Josh Groban! At the arena there were big long lines slowly filing into the building. We all went to the bathroom and then I bought a tour program. The program is so beautiful. I am really glad I got one. We went and found our seats. I was amazed at how close we were to the stage. I thought we were going to be farther away. I was starting to get really excited. I was couldn’t wait to see Josh!

Angelique Kidjo was the opening act. She was awesome. I saw her at the Utah Arts Festival in July. It was fun to see her again. I liked her both times. She put on a fun show.

After Angelique’s performance they started to clear off her set. I was being to feel the adrenaline and get really excited. In a few minutes I was going to see Josh Groban!! I went out and bought my keychain while the lines were short. When I came back I ran down the stairs to my seat and it took a long time. I didn’t know we were that far down. After a minute of sitting down a voice started talking. He had a British accent. He said that he was invited here by Josh’s people to record the Awake DVD. Everyone in the room screamed so loud. I thought that idea was a rumor. Why would they record the DVD in Salt Lake City? I thought it would be cool but never thought that it was true. I screamed just as loud as anyone else. The Salt Lake concert was going to be super good because it was being recorded and forever burned into digital technology. I was in the audience of the DVD concert. Now every time that I watch Awake I will think of that night. The camera guys needed to do a sound check of the audience so they had us pretend that Josh had just come on stage and had us scream like we would when we saw him. We did that twice. I think it was better when we actually did see Josh…but they got the idea. While they were setting up cameras and adjusting them someone started the wave. It was really good for about seven or eight rounds around the arena. That was fun. We chanted Josh’s name thinking that would get him out faster. Before the concert was one big Grobanite party. It was fun to be a part of. Every minute that went by you could feel the tension getting thicker.

And then we heard the first notes of “You Are Loved” and everyone was on their feet instantly and the screaming intensified. When Josh started to sing we all went crazy. Then the curtain lifted and we could see the band but there was no Josh. But we could hear him. And then Josh rose up out of the floor and the screaming reached a peak. The whole place was so loud and full of life. That was so cool. I don’t think I breathed the whole time. The adrenaline rush was so bad I was shaking. I couldn’t contain it even when I was sitting down. My right leg would jump up and down even if I didn’t want to. It was crazy. Every time I think about the concert or listen to Josh sing my hands start to shake and my stomach does flip-flops. I couldn’t believe that Josh Groban was singing!! He sounded like the CD but I knew that it was that powerhouse of a voice that was really singing. He is so incredible!

He sang February Song, Un Giorno per Noi, L' Ultima Notte, Canto Alla Vita, Awake, You Raise Me Up, You Are Loved, Remember When It Rained, Not While I’m Around, Pearls (with Angelique), So She Dances, In Her Eyes, Alla Luce del Sole, Machine, Mai, Lullaby, Weeping, and I think I am missing some songs but I don’t remember what they are.

He was so funny. He was making jokes all the time. After “Pearls” and before the dancing someone gave him a couple of cookbooks. One of them was how to cook with a toaster oven. It was funny to see his look when he was reading it. It was priceless. Angelique said, “Do you need me to show you how to cook as well as dance?” We all laughed at that, including Josh. In the middle of the show someone gave him a cowboy hat and some sunglasses. He put on the hat and he looked really hott. Who knew that Josh Groban would look good in a cowboy hat? I thought he looked so funny in the glasses. They were great. The stage people took them away and Josh commented on them. And then he got an idea and asked for the hat back. He put it on and sat down at the piano and stared to play a country song. At the end of his singing country he tipped the hat. He looked so cute. We were laughing so hard. It was hilarious. I didn’t think he knew any country songs let alone a whole verse. I have heard the song before but can’t remember what it is called. And then Josh got another idea and asked for the glasses. “Can I have the glasses? Quick I need the glasses.” The guy came back with the glasses and took the hat. Josh put the glasses on and started to sing an Elton John song. And then he asked who else they looked like. Josh then made a comment about having a karaoke night. “We should just turn off the cameras and take requests. We could have a karaoke night. Just follow the bouncing ball.” It was funny. Then he said, “But you probably paid to hear my music.” And then he played February Song. Josh is such a goofball. I love him!!! One time when the piano was coming up from the floor he stood on the bench when it was still coming up. “That is such a cheap thrill,” he said. He just cracked me up. The arena was laughing from his comedic show in the middle of the concert. It was so much fun.

People started to leave during the encores. Most of us were still screaming at Josh and the band to come back. The last song they did was Awake. It made me cry. I love that song. And to hear Josh Groban sing it live was unforgettable.

After the concert everyone was walking around dazed and excited at the same time. We rode the TRAX back and it was full. Everyone was smiling and talking about the concert and laughing from adrenaline that was still going in our veins. I know that I was. When we were walking back to the train I couldn’t contain it and I just screamed because I was so happy. I had been to my first, really big, official concert. And it was to see Josh Groban!! I love Josh Groban!!! I had been waiting for this concert for months and it was even better than I could have imagined. It was the best night of my life. When the DVD comes out I can’t wait to watch it over and over again. It is going to be so cool to watch and think back on that night. I really hope they don’t cut anything out. The whole show was awesome.

I don’t think I have a bad case of PCD but the more I think about that night the more surreal it is. I had a blast. Today my voice hurts from screaming so much. I only got about four hours of sleep before I had to get up. I cannot believe that I actually saw Josh Groban live in concert! He was in the same room singing to all of us! I was with other Grobanites which is cool because I know that they will understand they way I feel. I can’t explain what exactly I am feeling right now. It is too funny to explain. I feel tired, happy, ecstatic, sad, dreamlike, happy, Joshified most definitely even I was a huge fan to begin with … I think after thinking this much about the concert and listening to FOJG radio I would have to diagnose my PCD on a higher level than before.

A disclaimer to anyone who gets this far … I might have jumbled the facts up a bit but all that really did happen. That was the best night of my life and I will never forget it.

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