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Silent Treatment Blues

Veronica1776's picture
on August 30, 2007 - 12:27am

Helllo Friends,

Yes, family still giving me the silent treatment, my best friend understands to a certain point, but, she gets bored (as if u can get bored on anything to do with Josh, his music and the tons of help me gives to people in need!!). I hear his music and... for example, the song, "Si volvieras a Mi" I can actually feel his desperation to retain the the girl he loves, he feels like he is about to lose the world, Josh makes me experience that, he is amazing. "When u say u love me" is another one of the songs that makes me "fly, for a moment in time, somewhere between, the heavens and earth" My son Alfonso is 6 yrs old and autistic, it is hard for him to communicate, but I will never forget the first time he ran toward me and said those three magical words. "I LOVE YOU!!" I felt like... I can't even explain, "somewhere between, the heavens and earth"
I do love Josh, but, as hard as is to believe for some, not all, as a brother, someone that I can talk too, I see all his beautiful, gorgeous fans and belive me, he won't give me a second look, so I'd rather have him as a brother, best friend, and enjoy my only reason to live, my son.
Well, I kinda lied, the only one that is talking to me is my son Alfonso, he tries, I love that guy. Thank you for reading this long journal entry, this is how I feel and I had to write it.
Good night,
Bye for now,

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