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My New Home

PandaLuver25's picture
on August 30, 2007 - 1:56pm

I just moved into my grandmother's apartment!!! I was so excited to get away from home. It just really different then home. I am alone most of the time, so it's like I am living all by myself. I buy all my own food, and everything- that is really a huge step. It is really nice being alone and having no one bother me.

My mother called me the first night I moved, and she started crying. She told me she was sorry and that she missed me alot. Now I feel just a little homesick. It is a huge step I am taking when I am just 18. But college starts for me next Tuesday. I am exicted and also a little nervous, but I know I will be able to make it through (Josh will help me alot!!!)

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