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dramaticparrot's picture
on September 3, 2007 - 9:32am

So last night was the Josh Groban concert in Charlotte. I had front row tickets and it was absolutely amazing!!! He was soooooo close!!! He looked absolutely amzing though, and he sounded like an angel! OF COURSE!!!!
I took two of my friends, Allie who is in love with him 2, but not as much as me lol, and then my other friend Chels. It was hilarious I dont think Chels realized how cool, and talented Josh was, lol! But she got to touch him, he was slapping peoples hands up and down the stage and he got her, I was sooo happy for her! He looked down at me, and I swear I felt my insides drop to my bottum, lol!
I did this realistic portrait of him and had every attention to run up and give it to him. I ran up twice to give it to him, but I was to late, he already turned around, or his big buff bouncer came, lol! But I did throw it up on stage, I watched them carry it away after the show. I was happy for that. ((If he just glances at it,then throws it away, thats all that matters to me!)) I made sure that they walked away with it. The lady I was sitting next to, she did a huge portrait of Sweenie, it was absolutely wonderful!!! Josh loved it!!
What also was really funny, was I was standing up getting a picture takin(before Josh went one), when a lady came up and grabbed me from behind. She looked at me, I shouldnt even saw "looked", she "studied" me, then said, "I watched you sing before. I saw you when you performed at my sisters church!" I was stunned, it was hilarious!! I was spotted out by her, and it was so random!!!!
I had so much fun last night, and I can not wait till his next tour! Our concert was the end of the American tour. Poor Josh he was so tired, you could tell, he is just ready for his break, he deserves it! He is amazing no doubt! And I thank him so much for the time of my life, for two times, he made my heart flutter live in concert!!!


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