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Well meaning friends - right.

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on September 4, 2007 - 4:12pm

Christina text me the other night, after I went out with her and her friend Paul. Wants me to come over to her place on Friday. Nevermind I don't know where she lives (yeah, I've lived in this town on and off for three years, doesn't it show?). Anyway, her dear friend Paul has a huge thing for me. Why do guys, when you ignore their advances, take that as you're being coy or they see it as a challenge? Gah, I have no interest in this guy, I didn't earlier this year, and guess what, I still don't! He kept fishing for my phone number and I kept giving him smart remarks. Then he wants to know if I can cook (if my burnt food tonight shows, I guess not), and I already know from her that he's looking for a wife. He's 24 years old, and looking for a wife. He wants to get married, and I'm guessing he assumes that since I'm 29 I'm just gonna jump at that. Er, right. I have no attraction to him, I don't think of him when he's not around (except lately cause I can't figure out how to shake him before it goes really bad like the last guy - read a trip to the see the friendly police service). I being single! I don't want to date losers, I'll wait until I find someone I want to date (we'll try to leave Josh out of this, cause we all here likely want that). I hate being charming and witty and sweet sometimes. The only man I've gotten to smile for me using my charm or whatever this year which I WANTED to smile for me was Josh!

Like I told Robert at the studio today, I'm beating them off with a stick, it's that or gain fifty pounds, stop wearing make up and chopping off my curls. Which I won't do, I've got enough trouble with the fact my clothes don't fit right cause I'm dropping weight. I'm hoping it is from working out and not some other bad reason.

Anyway, voice is every second Tuesday, from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. So, working towards that duet with Josh. :) I know it sounds horrifically silly, but that is one of my goals. A baritone and a mezzo soprano would sound good together, don't you think? But on a more serious note, the one hour will be a lot better, I'm sad it's only every second week but I doubt my bank account is too upset.

Well, if the pharmacy calls tomorrow I can use the drugs and such as an excuse to not go to Christina's or leave early (she's obsessed with getting me drunk for some reason). I'm taking cab money. I'm sure he'll be a gentleman and want to drive me home, but no. I can take a cab.

I think some people are thinking I'm using the health problem as an excuse, but I'm not. I don't really think I can handle some boyfriend who is set on marriage, and if he's that set on it you just know what else comes with it. He wants kids. I can't have them. Well, I could right now but it would be hard on me, and I'm not doing that. The doctor asked me if I was willing to go through with the surgery next year, at the cost of never having children and I looked right at him and said yes. I have no life, my life revolves around this, I didn't go to a theatre course because of it, I almost skipped Josh's concert because of it...seriously, it isn't fun.

I mean, I'm not attracted to this guy anyway, but with this and more doctor appointments, singing, acting, impending surgery...I just don't think I could handle that too.

Unless it was someone who complimented who I am well...a musician or someone artistic. This dude is just facts and figures. Bore me to tears, and his taste in music gave me a headache. Least he could have had was manners enough to turn it down.

I'm sooooo bored. I wish the guys would come over! I found a video of a skit they did over the summer on youtube, boy it's funny stuff. I want some people to talk to, new roomie is about as social as a plant.

Imma so bored!

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