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She got the tickets!!

MrsWendy's picture
on September 5, 2007 - 1:25am

So i get a call this morning from my mum on my mobile, telling me to tell my younger sister to open a piece of mail for me... HER TICKETS ARRIVED!! WOOHOO!!! When she opened it, she was a bit confused, not quite knowing what it was, but they she started screaming and (from what i could hear) jumping up and down... and then she started crying... She asked me if i was seriously sending her to Josh's concert... and i was like "HELL YES!!" and then she started laughing hysterically, and crying at the same time... I told her there were some strings attached though... I have to have a full report so i can tell all my mates on FOJG about your night... i need pic's... and i told her she needs to call me at some point during the concert... as well as giving me a full run-down of what he was wearing, if there was any shirt flappage and how many bittons he had undone at the top of his shirt *sigh*.. She is gonna have such an awesome time!! Im wicked jealous, but im so excited for her!!

All i can do is laugh! Its so great! I wish i was there to see him with her... but this is her night, so im willing to wait a bit longer to have my Josh experience...

Love youse!


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