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Makes my heart smile

pianogoddess06's picture
on September 5, 2007 - 2:58pm

Disclaimer: Please read previous post to actually know what is going on (ok, synopsis, my boyfriend REALLY looks like Josh).

This was posted on boards by LadyKate516, Keep in mind that this was really my boyfriend and I (grins really big)!

But my mom and I are just wondering if something that we heard before the show was correct. We were in FL1, and as we found our seats we immediately noticed a Josh look-alike in the front row of the lower level section next to us. And the more we watched him, the more he really DID look like Josh. The same nose, expressions that we've seen Josh do in pictures and began to be really strange. So I was starting to really wonder about it, especially since quite a few people were having pictures taken with him and Darren spoke to him. And then we were told that the guy in question actually was Josh's brother, Chris, who was there with his girlfriend. We were also told that his parents were there, though I never spotted anyone that looked like them. So we were just wondering if anyone knew about this for sure, and if we really were lucky enough to spend the concert so close to Josh's brother.

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