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Ummm.... ok....

MrsWendy's picture
on September 5, 2007 - 3:30pm

OK... can i please just really quickly clarify something??

I received an email from someone that questioned the reasons for putting up my last couple of posts... I wasnt going to send a reply, but i think i do want to say something...

I put up my last two posts not because i want praise or adulations or anyone saying what a "lovely" person i am. That is not the type of person that i am. Anyone who thinks other-wise, is so wrong! I put up my last couple of posts because i was so excited about my baby sister going to see her very first concert. i was excited because it will be her 18th birthday. I was excited and i needed to tell everyone how excited i was for her! I love my sister and thats why i bought her the tickets... not for the kudos or "good karma". Why anyone would think that, is beyond me.

Im sorry if i offended anyone by sharing my enthusiam.


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