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on September 5, 2007 - 9:50pm

Awwwwwww..... My first entry written to the lovely sounds of "Awake". After the second leg, and the significance of the song at the end of the show, the song has such a different feeling for me now. "We can't stay like this forever, but I can have you next to me today." Just being in the same arena with Josh is a gift.... Just to close your eyes and let the music absorb itself through your senses...your pores...your spirit. Amazing. It's been an honor for me to not only be in the same "room" but to be CLOSE!!! Anaheim was amazing. I was at the stage at Josh's feet. I remember thinking that THIS was IT! I told myself to be in the moment and cherish every millisecond. I want to go back, but obviously I can't. Hearing "Awake" now just makes me want to a good way. A book I'm reading reminds us to "release" the negative thoughts and memories and only carry the "love" and happy memories with us. I'm doing this now with the wonderful memories of my concert experiences. Josh = love for me. Not in an "omigoshhe'sgorgeousandi'magroupie" type of way, but in a very simple, joyful "love" type of way. Josh's music brings so much to my spirit. When I read to embrace the "love", it's just JOSH! Josh is my happy place! :) Today, I drove around with Josh blaring and windows down....sunlight pouring through the sunroof. HEAVEN! :) Thank you Josh for the amazing gift you give us. I feel so blessed to be a small part of this world....a world that has a huge place in my heart. <3

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