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rumors of no third leg???

lindyjean's picture
on September 5, 2007 - 11:21pm

so, a lot of us are having PCD, and i guess i'm having something akin to that...i just feel kind of blah about it, and feel that my josh craziness has gone into a kind of dormancy now that he is off the road. i'm not all that worked up about the xmas cd, even though i know it will be an instant classic. i'm concerned that there will not be a third leg of the tour, and i have to ask---was it because all of the venues didn't sell out???? i know san diego did not, in april, nor did the stockton show---a miserable 2/3 of the arena was filled, and it's a small venue of only 9000---this is so sad!!! i'm sure all the bay area and central valley grobies were there, and i'm sure they made josh feel welcomed and loved, but playing to a house that is 1/3 empty has to be disheartening. in san diego, they blamed it on it being the opening night for the Padres....hey, i'm a huge dodger fan, but if i had to choose between seeing josh, and seeing my darling dodgers, i'd see josh any day of the year!!! the dodgers play 81 games at home...i'd be content to see one of those other 80 games....i wonder if any other venues had available seats left....i can understand people not wanting to be back in the rafters and nosebleed section, but, for shows not to be sell-outs...well, i just don't get it....not after all of his exposure on talk shows, american idol, etc....
anyway.....i'm not feeling depressed....i don't feel like spending a lot of time on the boards now....i'll peek in from time to time, add my two cents' worth and leave. i know i'm not OD'ed on josh--no way--so i don't know what it is. just not feeling any excitement now, i guess...

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