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It's soooo late, but....

MJKC9397's picture
on September 5, 2007 - 11:45pm

I just had to check in...I'm up anyway! Kara's healing well from her tonsillectomy, but she's having a little pain and woke up a little while ago, so I'm up 'til she's back to sleep. Hubby came home today from a short business trip. He was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that I had painted our bathroom while he was gone. I did it in a day; my muscles feel like it, too! haha I'm still having some "slumps" in my mood, but am doing much better. I really miss being on the FOJG seems like all I have time to do lately is breeze in and breeze right back out. Hardly leaves time to really "connect" with anyone. It's funny how much you miss it when you've got to be away from here! I'm still holding my breath and waiting with extreme anticipation, hoping Josh continues his tour some more in the states, and more importantly, in the south! I often listen to Josh in the afternoons to relax a little before I pick the girls up from school. Often I get this really strong feeling at the thought that I actually got to be in the same room with that voice...and then the even stronger feeling that I want to do that again! Then I think about how very lucky I was to actually get his autograph at that same concert! Then to be in a brief clip on national TV--on Mother's Day at that--from that same concert! Yeah, it would be pretty hard to top that experience. But the desire to experience his voice live all over oh man...I'll never be cured of that!

Well...I need to go check on Kara again...hopefully she's in a deep, restful sleep. And hopefully I'll be able to check in with everyone else in here very soon. I'm seriously considering declaring myself an "FOJG Night" sometime this weekend...all my friends seem to be tied up with other things, so that pretty well shoots the chance for a "girls night out". And after being at home for a week with a post-surgery child...well...let's just say I'm beginning to have a little "cabin fever"...LOL

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