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Thank you guys!!!!!!!!

jlbrown3711's picture
on September 6, 2007 - 10:14am

Just want to say you to all you guys for all your thoughtful words and support. I cannot even begin to express how nice to know that people do care. I know one day all this will be behind me and will be on a new adventure some place else. Just getting there really is an exhausting battle. ALl the matters to me is to see my children happy and I know this is hard on them. They are strong kids and will do ok, but as a mom, I still worry. Always will.SO THANK YOU GUYS FOR NOT MAKING ME FEEL LIKE I AM TOTALLY BONKERS! I CERTAINLY HOPE JOSH KNOWS HOW GREAT THE GROBANITES REALLY ARE.
Not much else to say today other than came across this today and felt so much like how I felt. Just had to share it with ya all. It just seems like a wonderful way to live.

"This poem is about breaking free from self imposed restrictions. When we limit our dreams to always following 'the rules' we are cheating ourselves. Sometimes it's in our best interest to think things through. There are also times when we should stop analyzing every little fact and possible effect and just follow our hearts. Our lives are a mystery that we need to be lived out. "

Watching My Dreamer Dream Through The Fire
by Annie

I remember being warned not to go there.
I tried to learn to think things through.
I really did try to go slow.
It made sense not to go near anything that would burn.
No one else is to blame,
I knew to stay away from the edge.

I never saw the danger of your smile.
I certainly never dreamed that my heart
Would race so wildly out ahead.
I really did try to go slow.
Then I walked through a ring of fire,
To you.
Now I am standing on an edge

I know the danger,
I see the fire.
Dear god I want to fly.
I really did try to go slow.
I could very well be wrong.
I might get hurt,
I may be burned.

Yet I can't help myself.
I seem to have lost the will to resist.
As I walked through the fire I learned,
That sometimes it's better to get singed.
Rather than to always be safe,
And going slow.
I have to try.

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