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Remembering a Once- Living Saint.........

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on September 6, 2007 - 6:31pm

Dear Josh - As I look at those smileys every time I write to you, I wish that you had smileys or not-so-smileys that portrayed the feelings of saddness or fatigue. This is what I am really feeling right now OK is too postive for my fragile emotions and sleepy or bored does not adequately describe my fatigue at this moment.

I am fatigued because I began a new school year today with 15 new preschoolers and I am feeling sad because I am emotionally and physically tired. It is a vicious circle I guess.

In the news these last couple of weeks, the world has been remembering the ten-year anniversary of the death of two world-renowned people. Princess Diana of Wales and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. At the end of their lives, these two amazing women did meet each other, and the world watched in disbelief when then they died within weaks of each other. I know that you perfomed at the memorial concert for Princess Diana around the Fourth of July. I tried to see it, but I chose to watch the NBC version, not the VH1 version, so I missed you. If I knew you better this e-letter could be a great dialogue because you could tell me about your impressions of Princess Diana and the mark she left on this world. But this e-letter is my imaginary monologue to you, so you are going to read my reflections on Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a once living saint.

I want to write about her because the press has been quite harshly critiquing her spiritual journey. It is claimed that she had a "secret-life" where deep down inside she did not feel God's presence in her life, and she may have possibly doubted His existence.

Now Josh, a few e-letters ago, I wrote about a possible patron saint for you - St. John of the Cross. I chose him as a patron saint because so often your music reflects images and themes that he wrote about in Spain during the 16th century.

St. John of the Cross wrote about the spiritual life. He wrote in both poetry and prose about how a soul falls in love with God, and embarks on a journey of deep intimacy with this God who is in His essence, pure mystery.

This intimacy comes in periods of deep dryness in prayer and darkness of soul. The Lover (God) is testing the Beloved (a human soul) to see if the Beloved loves the Lover, for the Lover itself or just for the "things" that the Beloved receives from the Lover. During these periods, the Beloved longs deeply for the Lover, but the Lover is no- where to be found. With great faith and in deep sorrow and anguish, the Beloved waits for the day when the Lover will return. The Lover always returns for the Beloved, but the length of time that the Beloved has to wait for the Lover's return can seem endless.

The "secret-life" of Mother Teresa was her deep longing for the Lover who touched her soul over thirty-five years ago. During this endless period of darkness and dryness, she NEVER STOPPED LOVING GOD OR BELIEVING IN GOD. If she did, she would have never been able to accomplish all that she had throughout the course of her life. But instead, her deep faith allowed her to be known world-wide as a living saint, and soon the Catholic Church will proclaim her to be one as well.

The dark night of the sense and the soul can be quite painful for the person who finds himself/herself immersed in it, but it usually does not last for 35 years consecutively. That is quite rare. Mother Teresa was receiving a special grace in the midst of this darkness. She was experiencing what it feels like to be abandoned so that she would have great mercy and love for the abandoned people that she so generously served.

So what does this have to do with you, Josh Groban? Why am I talking about Mother Teresa on YOUR WEBSITE? Well, Mother Teresa was a great humanitarian, and you are walking down a similar path.

As a Grobanite, I am proud and I will always be proud of the good that you do for others. I would like to see you continue to serve others as long as Almighty God provides the resources for you to do so. But I also want to challenge you a bit to look at why you are serving others. Whom are you doing it for - for the praise and glory of you or the praise and glory of someone greater than you? Remember Josh, life is short, but eternity is forever. Whom do you serve? It is something worth thinking about.

I am going to end this e-letter with the English words of Un Dia Llegara because the poetry in song does describe the spiritual journey of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta. So I dedicate this song to her, and Josh, may you take God for your spouse and friend and walk with Him continually. You will not sin, and you will learn to love, and the things that you must do will work out PROSPEROUSLY FOR YOU! (St. John of the Cross)

OK, now the song:

The dry leaves will fall
And when April arrives
You will touch my soul
You will approach...will come for me.
After so much solitude
I want to feel
To find my peace in you.

When the city sleeps
And the sun slips away
I will seek you again
Until reaching this illusion
I find you....and you love me like this.

And I will listen in the silence to the voice of the heart.
And the storm will abate in your arms.
Its worth it to expect your love.
Because one day, it will come.

I will find you...and you will love me like this

And I will listen in the silence to the voice of the heart. And the storm will abate in your arms. It's worth it to hope for your love tomorrow.

I will embrace you in the silence. All my life, I have waited for your love. And the arrival of the day when you come for me.

Take care Josh, wherever you are.


Ampatamia - the Least of All the Grobanites.

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