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Josh & The Gym

JustJoshing's picture
on September 6, 2007 - 10:01pm

Josh & The Gym/Part I: I work out at our local gym and I work with a trainer. Never thought I'd be a "trainer" type but hiring him has been one of the best decisions ever. A great support. I introduced him to Josh and while I haven't been able to win him over, he respects what and who Josh is. He'll tell me to think positive and say "Go get your Groban on!" or "Do it for Groban!" Love that! :) Well, I set weight loss goals for each of my concerts.... I had a goal set for Fresno, and then a goal set for the (incredible) Josh WEEKEND of Stockton/Anaheim. I'm happy to say I met each goal (within a few pounds). But now...... Oh no!!!! What do I do??? I know what I DID this week....JUNK FOOD and more JUNK FOOD. Accck!!! I gained weight this week. :S My trainer joked that I didn't have "Josh" to work towards anymore. Wow...that sounds so sad! I'll always have Josh!!! What is he thinkin'??? ;) Josh & The Gym/Part II: As I left the gym this morning, a couple of women were near my car chatting. When they saw I was the owner of the vehicle, they said, "So YOU're the Josh fan!" (I have personalized OMYJOSH plates and I still have "Grobanized" written across my back window from the Stockton/Anaheim weekend. did they ever figure I was a Josh fan?) The one woman told me that she didn't discover Josh until the Fresno concert... How he reminded her of.....Frank Sinatra. (Huh??) Then she said, " guy that plays piano.....oh...what's his name.......oh....can't think of it....Oh! Barry Manilow! That's it!!" Now you have to keep in mind this is around 6 a.m. and I'm not truly awake yet. I wanted to scream, "WHAT?????? BARRY FREAKIN' MANILOW???? DID YOU HIT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD WITH A DUMBBELL IN THERE????" but I just smiled. I was in a mad rush and had no time to steer her on the right path. If anything, I felt a little sorry for her. She was sweet, yet sooo misguided. It made me think about how Josh and his music can be compared to no one really. He is so unique and talented and special. No other artist comes close to comparing to Josh (Sorry, Barry!). Maybe Josh can work in "Copa Cabana" in his next Karaoke set, tho'. Hmmmmm......

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