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hey! hectic weeeek

vijaykumar's picture
on September 7, 2007 - 3:06pm

hey everybody!
this has been suuuch a hectic week! Just started school as you know, had a test today about the anatomy of the thorax. A week ago we started to learn the human anatomy through corpses... I now respect dead people 100 00000 times more than earlier and am grateful for every person who donates his/her body to medical research! So it´s been a hectic, scary fascination week here in stockholm! And i´ve had days doubting myself and ability but after passing my test today I feel fresh again. Although I know there is alot ahead of me! But to calm down and get new energy I just put Alle luce del sole on and just from the power of josh´s vioce I get new strength! it´s sickly strange how one can get so sucked in to his voice and become obsessed with wanting to know him and be-friend him.

Tomorrow is "kick in day" where we get to know the new pre-med students and kick them in to the school system you might say by making alot of games and activities durig the day and ending the day with a big party! I´m mostly excited by the fact that Ben and Jerry´s are sponsoring us so that means lots and lots of free ice cream and that we (me and my best friend) have the best games set up for the new students; "so you think you can dance" a rap battle and charades with a twist and a mixture of the Nick cannon show from mtv! It´s going to be hilarious just watching everybody!

ok.. that´s about it, really tired, think i´m going to sleep early tonight so that i can manage during the entire day tomorrow! hear frmo you guys later.. byeee

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