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random Josh sighting

kkissjgroban's picture
on September 7, 2007 - 9:26pm

Wow... It's been a Josh filled last few days...

Tonight on Fashion Rock... Not to much Josh time.. But I got a few quick peaks of him... Looked like he was having fun, from what I could see.... Just glad I didn't blink!

Yesterday I was at the US Open ... Didn't know I was going tlll the last minute... Got to see the mens quarters... Great match... While I was there I checked me email on my phone... and I saw a few emails from FoJG... of course I was curious, so I checked them and someone started a thread that JG was at the I began to scan the place.. Oh where could he be...I got a text from my friend about the same thing, and she told me which box he was in... I asked my friend who is a huge tennis buff where the Presdent's box would be... She pointed it out to, and to my surprise it wasn't to far from us... she handed me the binoculars and sure enough there he was... just chilaxin and enjoying the match!
I have to say the man blends in very well... of course I didn't know I was going till the last minute and didn't have my camera... not that it would have helped if I did ... I hadn't downloaded my charlotte pics, and my memory card was full..LOL
I just couldn't believe that he was there in jeans and a long sleeve shirt... It was so frickin hot out in the sun... I was dying and there he was cool as a cucumber ... I'm sure seeing JG made me a bit hot and stupid... He'll do that to ya..LOL
I hope his stay in NYC was fun and he got SOME rest...

Bye for now.... :)

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