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my friends

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on September 8, 2007 - 11:57pm

Thank you to, lpschnzr2, beezee, synchrosk8er, FlippedOverJosh02, SamsGirl2002. The comments you left me, really helped. Thank you so much, you amazing Grobanites!!!!!
to let you know, i did not go sing in the afternoon, i instead hung out with my family..and i painted a rock, that looked like a heart, red and then wrote JG on
i did go sing in the evening, and OMG!!! it went really good!!!! our piano player (one of the friends that i go for) richard, was wearing a shirt that i gave him and he looked wicked sexy!!! lol...

i AM taking a tiny break from my church choir...and i AM joining a choir at my college, and once my dad buys me a new violin, i'm gonna take lessons

thank you guys, again...i love you!!!

Nessa is the picture of my rock!
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