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Girls' Night Out - In Search of Josh

JustJoshing's picture
on September 9, 2007 - 1:26am

A while back, a friend of mine told me she was out at a blues/jazz type club and that one of the musicians who played in the band there looked exactly like Josh Groban! "He looks EXACTLY like JOSH!!" I was skeptical and asked the usual questions: "Is he tall?" "Yes!" "Dark, curly hair?" "Yes! "His hair is EXACTLY like Josh's!" "Tall? Nice smile?" "Yes! He even smiles like Josh." She suggested we get some of the girls together to check him out. I have to admit I was a little nervous. I asked myself, "What will I do if he DOES look like Josh? Will I be able to control myself? What would hubby say about my momentary lapse in judgment?" Time came and went but tonight was the night! A group of us ran out to this particular club to find Josh.

Well, we found him, and I told her, "My dear. I know Josh Groban. Josh Groban is a good friend of mine. That, my dear, is NO Josh Groban!!" :) The kid was cute....talented musician, but certainly not resembling our Josh other than the darker features and curly hair (not nearly as nice as Josh's). Just the same, my friend pulled me outside with her to "stalk" the guy who was clearly flirting or schmoozing with his possible girlfriend during the band's break. My friend (who is crazy in a good way) asked, "How many times have you been told you look like Josh Groban?" He asked, "Who?" "Josh Groban!" His girlfriend piped in.... "Oh! He's a singer, right? He's been on Oprah." The Josh "lookalike" had no clue (and he dares call himself a musician!!!???). He went on to say that he is often told he looks like John Mayer (true!) or the guy from Entourage (Adrian...something or other). Yes! He looks like both of those guys....NOT JOSH! I felt a bit defeated. All the extra time primping and getting ready to meet a possible Josh substitute wasted!!! I suppose, in her defense, she WAS drinking. Guess I would've seen Josh too had I a drink or two (or three or twenty....). :)

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