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Good Times In California

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on September 9, 2007 - 1:01pm

Yesterday my cousin and I spent the day in San Francisco. We watched the Dodgers beat the Giants and then met up with some friends for a nice dinner and mini tour of San Franciso.

We then flew back home today I'll be wandering around Santa Monica. Plan on visiting the Pier and checking out some condo's in the area. It would be great to find on close to or on the beach. Doubt that will be in my budget but one can dream.

Wednesday I'll be leaving for San Diego to visit more relatives. One of my cousin's has a condo right on the beach and he's thinking of getting rid of it. If the price is right and he'll consider my little budget maybe that will be my new home.

I want to go down to Mexico but not sure how the weather will be. I also know some of the areas I want to visit have been damaged by the two hurricanes. I'll have to wait to see if I'll get to Mexico on this trip.

The weather here is nice. About 72 degrees right now. It's just nice to look out the window and see the Pacific Ocean. Tomorrow I'm planning a visit to my old high school, West Covina High. Can't wait to see what changes have been made. It will be nice to meet up with some old friends and former classmates/roommates from WCH and UCLA.

Time to get the camera and go.

Have a nice weekend. Bye all.

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