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Purple Pride

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on September 9, 2007 - 6:01pm

Minnesota Vikings beat Atlanta 24-3 - wooo hoooooo! Any more football fans out there?

Happy Sunday evening! Well, the kids had a good first week of school :) It's so nice to be on a schedule again! My kids have marching band every morning so they leave home at 6:15 am for practice. Ugh - but they don't seem to mind, they both love it!

Just got home from Hannah's first monthly piano performance. It's kinda fun 'cause it's kids of all ages so the little ones are so proud of their accomplishments over the summer of memorizing a song to play in front of everybody! Hannah is the oldest student now; her last year. Went to Subway for supper and had a nice talk - this is her senior year of HS so I take every opportunity to have time alone with her to visit and just hang out-just the two of us :)

This week I'm part of a committee at church planning a celebration for one of our pastors on Sunday. He's been in the ministry 40 years - we're serving almost 300 people. My HS youth group of which I'm leader, is in charge of decorations at church and at the dinner so I'll be busy back and forth making centerpieces for 35 tables. We'll see how many of the kids are available to help; between school, homework, extra-curricular, and jobs, they are very busy kids.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. In one short month our long awaited Christmas CD will be blasting across the nation! I can't wait!!!!!!!

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