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Smushed Like a Bug

Bethalyn's picture
on September 9, 2007 - 9:54pm

Today, to be nice, I went in to work for the first part of the evening shift because the unit was very busy and full up. Now I wish I hadn't! We have a 6'6", 587 pound patient in the unit. He wanted to get into a chair, so four of us went into the room to help. Halfway to the chair, he lost his balance. I messed up and tried to catch him (that was a dumb move!). I was told I made a sound something like "EEEP!" and then we were both on the floor, me with just my hands and one foot sticking out. The other nurses had to take the bed out of the room so they could roll him off of me. Then they used a lift that can handle up to 800 lbs to put him back to bed, while I hobbled off to the ER for xrays. I have a small crack in one rib, but everything else still works. Note to self: If a person is A. Much taller than you and B. Weighs two and a half times what you do, let them fall! Broken nurses can't take care of patients!
Fortunately I don't have to work again until Wednesday, because I'm really sore. Ever see those old movies where a person gets hits by a steamroller? Imagine if the steamroller got on top of the person and then stopped. That's what I felt like.
I feel bad for the man, though. He was really upset, so I went to see him when I got released from the ER to show him that I was ok. He cried when I came in the room! Maybe I shouldn't have gone back, but he asked me to and I promised I would. So we chatted for awhile and I finally got him laughing because I said I had been trying to get thinner for a while. . .

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