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Why does he insist on making me crazy?

Samsgirl2002's picture
on September 12, 2007 - 10:00am

He was bugging me again about going to Las Vegas. He really wanted me to go with him. I told him (again) I don't have money for a trip, and Vegas is expensive. Plus, I thought I made it clear to him that I thought we needed a few days apart. But he wouldn't let it drop, until I finally said, "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO VEGAS!"

Then he said...well, why didn't you say so?

I do NOT understand men. I've been telling him for a week I don't want to go. What part of that did he not hear?

And I almost gave in...I almost said, OK I'll go, even though I don't want to. (Because I really am a people pleaser. God, I need to get over it.) Then we got in a fight over whether I was going to go or not. Anyway, he asked for time off, and he is going to go alone. (THANK YOU JESUS!)

I love Sam, but God, he drives me insane sometimes!!!

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