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Todays Daily thoughts......

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on September 12, 2007 - 4:49pm

Afternoon to ya all.Its been a long day for me as work had me going in at 4am this morning. Which meant I had to get up at 2, just to leave at 3. Man, by noon time I was already feeling ready to go to bed. But this beautiful weather today kind of has me recharged a bit. The wind is blowing and for the first time in a while I am able to turn off the air conditioner. The breeze is blowing so effortlessly through out the house and is so relaxing. Having some peach tea as I sit and just take it easy for a day. For once I am not letting the worries over take my mind. Hard to believe I can actually do that.

Found some time to sit and see whats up in the Josh world. Guess the tour is winding down and the ladies there are going nutty as usual without him on the road. Got me laughing today as I hopped on a post about Grobieduckies.... they all were quacking up. Not even sure how that topic started. Made me laughed hard as I was talking ducks with another friend earlier today and seeing this was just a reminder of how much of a life I really do have. Now I know I am really in a world of insanity. But I love it though. Who wants to be sane anyway? I spend so much of my day worrying that just a piece of laughter can make a big difference. Thank you Barry. Thank you Grobanites!

What else is new with me today... hmmm, let see. As I picked up my Daughter Emily from school today, got approached by some TV news team about the new Middle school. They asked me a few questions on camera . Frankly, I do not like the new middle school as the parking is just stupid. The kids are basically walking through all the traffic. its basically set up to where you almost HAVE to take the bus home. Totally unsafe. But that's just my opinion. But hey, I may be on TV..... too bad I was having a bad hair day......LOLLLLLLL!!!!!! What can I say HAIR today, gone tomorrow....... Yack yack yack.....!!!!

Well, I do have some other things on my mind. Mainly as being a mother of two daughters. My daughter Emily is not very talkative and is usually one to keep things inside. Kind of like her mom. Sadly, I have been known to do that. But I am getting better. Anyway, spent some time the other night talking to her and discovered she was being bullied by some 8th grade boys. Some of them are also asking her out... God, an 8th grader asking out a 6th grader? Over my dead body. But I knew as the years go on these things would come into her life. I just wasn't prepared for it. But then, who is? I am not sure what I am more upset over, the boys picking on her or them asking her out? But how does one go about solving the bullying problem without making it worse? I am trying to give her a chance to work these things out on her own. I guess that's all I can do and also to let her know she can always ask for help. Don't you just love not being able to do much? A part of me wants to go to the school and give them a piece of mind. But what good would that do? Some times it is really tough to be a parent. Like 99 percent of the time. All I can say is if any of you parents know of some one being bullied or think may be bullied, keep an eye out for them and DO something. As parents we can't always be there for our children and knowing there are good people wanting to keep these problems down, really can make a difference. No child should ever feel uncomfortable about going through school. I did for many years and hated it. People always teased me because I was so quiet. Sad thing is, I never out grew my quietness. The world is so different now and we just don't know how events play out in our schools any more. So LISTEN to your children and see any warning signs of being bullied....Mood changes can be a big one.........Just think how beautiful our kids could blossom if they felt comfortable and at peace with their environment at school? Even keeping out for a neighbors child can help too. We should ALL work together on this to stop this.

Anyway, that's it for me at the moment....... Wanting to write more, but have things to attend to....Hope you all have a wonderful day and may all your hearts be filled with peace, contentment, and satisfaction that you are living life to its fullest!!!!!!!! Take care. You are Loved!!!!!!!!!

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