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Slow Fridays are murder

Grobanite87's picture
on September 14, 2007 - 9:38am

I should have saved more "busy work" than I did. I hate slow Fridays. I'd much rather be outside enjoying the nice weather. Or napping. Napping is good.

More confirmation that Roz is a closet Grobanite. She now wants to buy a copy of Noel, just to have the liner notes "so that my family can borrow the liner notes if they want." uh-huh, sure... normally she uses I-tunes and doesn't like liner notes. She's in the denial phase of a closet grobanite. She'll move into acceptance soon enough and join the rest of us in our open adoration of the man and the music.

I miss Thursday surpise already. I came in all excited to see it and nothing. I was momentarily kinda sad. But, then I thought about the roller coaster suprise and was happy again. Maybe we could just leave clips of that up and running always. Totally hysterical.

I realize I am totally rambling. What did they call that in English 101? Stream of Consciousness. Hated it then, not a big fan of it now. So, I'll stop. Tomorrow.
Happy weekend everyone!

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