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There's a chill in the air... means Noel will be here soon!

kkissjgroban's picture
on September 17, 2007 - 5:50pm

I just love this Journal thing on FoJG!

well after a crazy baseball filled weekend and my yanks taking 2 0f 3 from the redsox! YAY!!!
It's back to reality... got to put up all my fall decorations... i love to decorate for the holidays.. soon it will be pumpkin time... but with the colder weather coming I'll have to do the closet switch thing... i hate putting away the summer clothes... oh well i gotta do it.
my husband and i got this invite to a halloween party, and yes we have to dress up... oh what will we be? any suggestions?
I painted my front door trim today.. yes I know very boring, but it had to be done... I hate using that painters tape, it takes so long to put up ... to then just take it off when your done, but didn't want white paint all over the door... and when i was done .. it looked pretty good, if i do say so..
I am still suffering from PCD thought... it was just so many concerts and such great times it's hard to get over it.. and then all the Josh encounters... well that was just beyond amazing... but soon Noel will be out and in no time he'll be doing promo and maybe we'll meet again...LOL :) :)
well thanks about it... not a very glamous life these days ...LOL .. but hey it's good to just get what you need done!
Off to go walk my dog...Yogi (yes he's named after the famous Yankee Yogi Berra)
Bye for now :)

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