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Life's Disappointments

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on September 18, 2007 - 6:10am

My heart it heavy today. Didn't sleep much last night. My daughter Hannah is going to college next year for Music Performance. Last week she auditioned for our HS's fall musical "GODSPELL" and came home so excited....she was the only one that could hit the "high C" in the song all the girls had to sing. Everyone cheered after her audition. So, last night they posted the results and she didn't get the part. Now, not that she thought she had it in the bag; but she was disappointed and surprised to say the least. The tough part is..................the girl who got it is the daughter of the choral director and they CHANGED THE SONG TO FIT HER VOICE - she's an alto.

So, we had a long talk last night about handling this with grace. We both know that this is probably in a long line of auditioning disappointments; it's just kinda hard to suck it up because of the circumstances. This isn't the first time something like this has happened.........last year in their Show Choir show there was a male soloist for the ballad.......just before the competition that WE hosted at our HS, he was "replaced" by "the daughter." Hannah was furious as were all of her friends. They weren't questioning the teacher's authority; however, the way she handled it at the last minute. The boy had many many family members who came just to hear him sing. It was awkward for EVERYONE.

So, life goes on. I know the best of the best have lots of bruises on the knees and on the ego; that's what makes them great! Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt at the time :(

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