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RIP Grandma Paula

Nessa7's picture
on September 19, 2007 - 11:46am

my granmother didn't make it to wednesday (today).
we received a call last night, around 10 pm, from my aunt.
the doctor had confirmed that my grandma had passed away.

my dad took my mom to the hospital and a lot of our family was there.
i couldn't go, my dad didn't want me to.

i just wanted to thank all of the grobanites here, who have been praying and who have left me beautiful words for my family...that means a lot to us, you guys are great!

if it wasn't for josh and his music, i don't know what i'll do...thank you josh, i love you.

my grandma is off to a better place, and she can finally rest, and look out for us here.
i had always wondered how it felt like to lose someone really close to when i heard that josh lost his grandmother...i wonder how he felt..., i know....not a great feeling, be we have to move on.

RIP Grandma...i love you!

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