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A bit annoyed!!!

kkissjgroban's picture
on September 19, 2007 - 8:20pm

Ever try to do something nice and you just get slapped in the face.. well that happened to me this morning, when my dopey husband asked why I didn't just paint the mailbox all green?... I was like what?.. Let me just start by saying we have a very nice and spacious apartment off my mother in laws' house...(ever hear of the movie Monster in Law)... anyway the mailbox had probably not been painted in years and everytime I pull into the driveway I think to myself oohh how ugly it looks... so me being the good person went out got the paint and painted it... hunter green with a white roof (it looks like a house) I thought wow it looks so much better.. and then the next morning when the HOG went to walk the dog... he noticed it and that's when he made the comment... I was so pissed off! oohh I'm soo sorry I should have checked with the powers that be... so I told him if he or his mother didn't like it they could repaint it all green themselves...
Oh I wish i could just put it back the way it was!... next time I try to do something nice I'll think twice!
ok... just had to vent somewhere!

On a totally happy note... The Yankees won and the Redsox lost! We're only 1.5 games out of 1st place!!!

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