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Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy

joshlover2themax's picture
on September 20, 2007 - 1:49pm

Last night was the Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy soccer game and it was so much fun. I kind of wish there were more LA fans because I felt like they need more support. I got a lot of pictures and even some video. I have video of the two foul shots that were both made but not the other two shots. And I wish I could have got some of the saves by the goalies. I was too into the game! I went to both MLS websites for the team this morning and printed of the two articles about the game. It is interesting to read the two because of the attitudes are different. RSL is mad that the game was tied because they feel that they are a better team and just made some stupid mistakes yesterday. Those “mistakes” allowed Donavon to come in and make a second goal. The final score was tied with two points each. I’ll upload my pictures so that if you would like you can go look at them on Photobucket.

I have so many essays to write this week. I had one for English due today. And for a management test there was a short essay. And for marketing there is one due tomorrow. It’s too much! Ahhhh! Okay, I feel better. lol

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