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Thank you, Josh!

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on September 20, 2007 - 6:12pm

Josh's eyes teared during the final notes of "You Raise Me Up." The night held special meaning as l'ultima notte, the final night of the Awake tour in the US. It seemed his fans, with their light sticks proudly glowing through out the arena, blessed him as much as he blessed us.

Perhaps he thought of one person in particular, a parent or a close friend. Who is it, Josh, that brings you to tears?

Whatever his answer, witnessing his raw emotions always refreshes me. Only a mature man opens his heart, and only a strong man opens his heart to so many.

Thank you, Josh, for opening up to your fans night after night. I've toured myself, though never longer than a week at a time. That's nothing compared to the time you've spent. However I know how it feels to be with people 24/7 on a tour bus, then suddenly be at home by yourself in your room. I know about memories and reviewing pictures endlessly, wishing you could go back while looking forward to what life still has to offer.

Going to three concerts has been a mini-tour for me. I went to new places and met new people along the way. I made memories and took pictures, and now, knowing the US tour is over, I look at those pictures and recall the wonderful times.

I'd better go now before this gets too sappy :P (oh wait, it already is . . . haha oops!)

PS I don't know how this turned into a letter to you, Josh, but I'm totally psyched and jealous that you're taking Nihongo again! I took it for 7 years but couldn't say much to you now. Oyasuminasai! (a good example; I looked that up. all I could think was "ohayo gozaimasu!")

PPS Still hoping that by some miracle you're reading this, Josh: PLEASE tell us about Chess :P I want to go! And if you're bored this Christmas (hahaha! ok sorry) come see me in Glorious Christmas Nights! That's an open invite to all reading. I'm a monk and a Jewish dancer. Yay!

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