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Thank God For Josh/ Special day at the beach

Irishgirl127's picture
on September 21, 2007 - 11:19am

I'm thanking GOD everyday for having Josh in my life. He has been and is my stability and attitude booster. I've been going through so much with my health lately and He's the only thing that keeps the sun shining for me these days. I'm trying very hard to stay positive because a positive attitude makes a huge difference in recovery from illnesses.I've beeen told it might take a month to recover but better late than never.I'm now struggling with two new different infections that have knocked me down just a little bit further physically but having Joshs music in my life is helping through my days. THANK YOU JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4 hours later)
I just came back from seeing my Aunt. It was a good mood booster. We went to the beach and enjoyed the bluest sky,sail boats on Puget Sound, and a baby seal on the beach waiting for mom to show up for food in the 70 degree whether. Life hasn't been this good in awhile. I am feeling better than I did a few days ago. My plan is to continue feeling better even though sometimes it's difficult convincing myself I will recover.
I wish all Gobanites a GREAT weekend!!

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