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Dreams come true

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on September 26, 2007 - 8:55am

No progress on the dream front because I had the most vicious migraine last night. I called out from work, took something, and went back to bed. I feel better now, but still feel it in the back of my head. THAT can be taken care of by my favorite endorphin therapy ever: listening to Josh. And I was going to do that anyway because of something that happened two years ago today...
When I was living in Manhattan, I made plans to see Josh perform on the Today show. I got up at 4 a.m., got ready, and got on the subway. It was the most deserted I've ever seen it, but I got to Rockefeller Center around five a.m.
I knew I was going to be waiting a while, so I came prepared with breakfast, a long book, and my journal. However, I couldn't go two sentences in the book without looking up to see if something was happening.
And my journal got cut off in the middle of a sentence because something DID happen. Around 6:30 or so, I heard Josh. He must've been doing a sound check or rehearsing, because he was outside singing "Smile." I just remember looking in that direction in complete shock, but so happy to be hearing him.
And it showed on my face. After it was over, someone from the fan club came up to me and said, "You look so happy, I think you should have this." She gave me the orange bracelet from his foundation.
By this time, more people were showing up. It was a mix between people randomly wanting to be on TV and Grobanites who came for this reason. I saw people in T-shirts, "I love you, Josh" signs...and a life-size cardboard cutout. A lot of people were fooling around and taking pictures with it. I didn't at first, but then gave in and got my picture taken kissing its cheek.
Then they started to call us into the filming area. Since I'd gotten there so early, I was able to get in THE FRONT ROW. I remember thinking, Front-row seats! I can die happy!
And it just got better. During the news segments, I started to wish I'd made a sign. All I had with me was my journal, so I opened it like a centerfold and wrote "I (heart) U".
I held it up during his performance. He did "America" first. During a commercial break, he signed some autographs and took a few pictures. Then the show came back, and he did "Smile." Smile? I was grinning from ear to ear so hard, and for so long, that my face felt a little weird when it was over.
But the end of the show didn't mean it was over for me. People were starting to leave, but I wanted to see him. I said I was waiting for someone: tall guy, brown hair, black jacket. Someone who worked for NBC tipped me off as to what door he'd be coming out of, so that's where I went. It was 9:00 by now, and I decided I'd wait until 9:30.
At 9:15, he came through that door. Some other people got their autographs and pictures before I did. He was nice, but seemed surprised by the reception. I touched his shoulder (my head just came up to it in the flats I was wearing), and he turned around to see me with my journal open to my sign. As he signed it, he said, "That's very kind."
I said, "Least I could do for someone who makes me so happy."
He handed me back my autographed journal, and my right hand closed over his for a moment.
I couldn't help screaming once I got out of sight, and I have no idea HOW I got to work for a few blocks. I felt like I was flying.
That was two years ago today, and it's still one of the happiest days of my life. My dreams came true one after the other, culminating with him. Whenever I use the shower gel I used that day, I remember everything and feel so happy. I've only removed that bracelet to swim or shower, and would only trade it for a white gold and diamond Love bracelet. (Since those things are crazy expensive, I guess I'm keeping this one forever.) Even writing about this, I'm just sitting here smiling and stroking the part of my hand he touched.

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