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Laptops are wonderful

vijaykumar's picture
on September 27, 2007 - 8:09am

Wow. Laptops are really really wonderful. When I can afford one I'm definately getting one. The one I'm using right now is my friend's dad's laptop but he's letting us use it for college exept when he needs it. At home, we have dial up and the Josh Radio thing is next to impossible to unload. But since we have wireless connection in the dorm rooms, I can listen to it. Woot!

Lol. This is me on lack of sleep and caffeine so bear with me.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. My brother and I go home every weekend since we're only an hour away from school. Anyway, my family is getting Cingular phones with a family plan. Right now I have a Verizon Inpulse Prepaid thing and it's eating me alive. I hate it. I'm not too fond of Verizon anyway. They say they have the best connection everywhere. HA! When we were moving and I tried to call one of the church members and my signal was horrible. We finally got through. I was calling to say we were running two hours behind.

Oh! I didn't say what happened. Last Wednesday, not yesterday- the other one, we were scheduled to arrive at Sebree at five. We didn't even leave Winslow till then. It all started with the Uhaul in the wrong town. They people told my daddy it would be in Washington. He and Bill arrived there to find out that it moved to Vincennes. So, that put us behind already. Then we had some church members and friends volunteer to help my parents finish packing (my brother and I are at the college planning to leave at three after classes) and load the Uhaul. Well, the Uhaul couldn't fit all of our house in it. So they had to unload everything and order everything of importance. At three, I called my brother and he was still in class. At 3:15 we left the college and arrived in Winslow at 3:30... expecting to leave. Nope. We ended up helping load the van and clean some of the house. Then we went to Oakland City to grab dinner. Then, since the Uhaul had so much stuff in it, it was poking along at like 30 to 40 miles an hour. So, what should haven taken an hour going 70 down the Interstae thing, took two hours. We didn't arrive at the house until nine. Everyone there helped unload until 11:00. Everyone left around midnight, and we didn't get to sleep till around 1:00 the next morning. And that's just Wednesday. My brother and I were planning on going back to school Thursday night for Friday classes. We called Student Life and stayed the weekend.

Well, I gotta get off. Jenni should be getting out of class soon and I'll need to let her in.

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