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Teaching an old dog new tricks

Chirpie's picture
on September 27, 2007 - 10:23am

You know, it's funny. I consider myself reasonably internet savvy. I was on ebay when it first started, I had AOL in the second year, I can find almost anything on google. Yet until I read an article about craigslist I had never heard of it. Hubby and I decided we need to save some $$ and get rid of some stuff we've been hanging on to. Before we moved to VA from NC, he somehow talked me into buying a new washer and dryer. Said I deserved it. Unfortunately when we started looking for places to live here, they all had W/D in them. So into storage those beasts went. We've also been draggin a fridge round for over 10 years. That became his office fridge for two years, then he quit the job and into storage that went. So trying to be the adults we attempt to be, and trying to pry anything from my cold, dead hands, we decided just to try and sell them. Hubby wanted to sit on the corner and see what offers came his way. I told him that was nuts and we should try craigslist. So we got pics, and I put ads up for the Greater DC area. Within a half hour, I had hits on the W/D. Within two hours I had 10 requests. Same for the fridge. So basically in 48 hours I sold them for what I asked. Crazy I tell you!! I didn't expect such a quick response to be honest. Offloaded the fridge to a family within 10 miles of my townhouse yesterday. Had I known how easy this was, I would have A) asked for more $$$, and B) found more crap to put on there. B might have to happen, although I am such a packrat. For a military couple who moved every 2-4 years we have alot of junk. Of course hubby says it isn't his. But then I didn't feel compelled to take half of his mother's crap from her house! Good thing we don't use the dining room much. LOL
I like this technical world. It has great possibilities, and might compell me to weed out stuff I haven't looked at in four years. Of course it showed the "old man" up that I got it accomplished so quickly. He really hates when I do that. ;-)

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