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Remembering Josh.......

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on September 28, 2007 - 7:04pm

Dear Josh - The title of this e-letter sounds as if you had died, but I am VERY VERY CONFIDENT that you are still alive. What has died, however, is summertime in the US, and the wonderful tour that you blessed your fans with during these months of rest and relaxation.

Last Friday, the US marked the beginning of fall with the autumnal equinox. I do not think that you will be experiencing much of fall this year because I know that you will be doing a performance in Australia in a few short days. When we in the US marked the autumnal equinox, our "mates" down under marked the vernal equinox. Your "fall" tour in Australia is actually your "spring" tour for them. If I knew you for real, I would love to ask you how it felt to be in a location where spring was celebrated in October rather than in March. It's like you went from spring, summer,and then back to spring again. In the midst of your busy tour, I hope that you wil have some time to visit and enjoy Australia. I hear that it is beautiful there.

I wish that we could see some video clips of your overseas tours, but I guess your people can not do that. I do not know why. All I know is that when you are overseas, you temporarily "disappear" from your fans in the US. I know that we miss you, and we anxiously await for the day when you will come back to the good ole US of A.

In the meantime, we are eagerly awaiting the release of your long overdue Christmas album titled: NOEL. I am hearing rumors in Grobania that your initial pre-sale of NOEL has been phenonmenal. If these rumors are true, I am SO HAPPY for you. I know that I pre-ordered my copy as did many Grobies. As soon as I receive it and have had a chance to listen to it, I will write more about it either here or on the message boards. I am confident, however, that you will not disappoint. NOEL will be a beautiful album, and I am looking forward to listening to it throughout the Christmas season.

So I end this brief e-letter tonight feeling a bit nostalgic. I remember the AWAKE tour's arrival in Rochester,New York on March 10,2007. I remember Grobie-friend obtaining front row tickets to your performance in her hometown. I also remember the great gift that she received by personally connecting with you for a bit that evening.

I know that you must prefer the periods where you could escape into oblivion again. But you have made so many Grobies, like me, deliriously happy when you sacrificed your privacy so that we could have a moment of pleasure watching you perform. In my opinion, 2007 was the year dedicated to Josh. I do not want to see it end. I just want remember it and treasure it always.

My closing thoughts of this e-letter comes from a song called "I Will Remember You" by Amy Grant. Every time I listen to this song, I think of you and your AWAKE tour. If any other Grobies read this lame letter, I hope that the words of this song capture our longing to see you, Josh, ONE MORE TIME.

Now, "I Will Remember You" by Amy Grant:

I will be walking one day, down a street far away. And see a face in the crowd and smile.

Knowing how you made me laugh. Hearing sweet echoes of you from the past. I will remember you.

Look in my eyes while you're near. Tell me what's happpening here. See that I don't want to say: "GOOD-BYE"(emphasis mine)

Our love is frozen in time. I'll be your champion and you will be mine. I will remember, I will remember you.

Later on, when this fire is an ember. Later on, when the night is not so tender. Given time, though it is hard to remember darling, I will beholden; I'll still beholden to you. I will remember you.

So many years come and gone, and yet the memory is strong. One word we never could learn: "GOOD-BYE" (Emphasis mine)

True love is frozen in time. I'll be your champion and you will be mine. I will remember you. So please remember, I will remember you.... I will remember you.....I will remember you..........

Good night, Josh Groban, and always remember to take God as your spouse and your friend. Walk with Him continually. You wil not sin. You will learn to love, and the things that you MUST DO will work out PROSPEROUSLY for you. (St. John of the Cross)


Ampatamia - the LEAST of all the Grobanites.

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