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post-surgical ... passing out?

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on September 29, 2007 - 8:06am

HOLY HELL ... have you ever passed out? I mean really fainted? I know we tease about Josh and passing out but have you ever really? Well I've done it now at least twice in my lifetime and trust me, it's not fun. I got up this morning around 8ish. I felt pretty good, knee wasn't too bad but my back is killing me from lying on it so I got up and was going to sit at my big computer in the other room and/or go downstairs to make myself some tea. Yeah the doc said I could go up and down the stairs! So I'm walking through the hall when I get that "tunnel" feeling like I'm going to pass out (your vision starts to go and your hearing is distant) - I turn around and head back towards the bed - when suddenly I was somewhere I didn't recognize and I could hardly breathe ... I am struggling to see where I am and it turns out I'm flat on my back in the hallway ... yeah I passed out. It was quite weird not having a clue where I was until I squinted and recognized the bars of the banister in my hallway plus I had no idea how in hell I got onto my back not to mention the first thing I thought was HOLY CRAP HOW DID I NOT MESS UP MY KNEE??? When I could breath properly and felt fairly stable I sat up and discovered my glasses hanging from my hair and put them on then scooted on my behind to the bed where I pulled myself to a stand and trembling got back into bed. Man was I scared then. I woke up Kyler and he was ticked off thinking I was going down the stairs by myself to make my tea. Well here's the issue; he works nights and he works tonight - I feel awful making him do things for me when he didn't sleep at all yesterday and he's got to be up all night tonight! (After yelling at me he went down and made my tea and said if I needed another cup or whatever to be sure I woke him - I'm almost done with this cup and would like more but don't have the heart to wake him again! LOL) So I lay here in bed taking inventory of my body and dear God do I hurt! When you pass out and fall you hit hard - and my head hurts, my back hurts, my KNEE IS KILLING ME! Yikes!!! Well I learned my lesson. I'm staying put. But ... I'm kinda hungry ....

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