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on October 1, 2007 - 10:05am

On Saturday, September 29, it snowed. Snow was falling in September! I have never in my entire life seen snow that early. They were huge snowflakes too. It was really wet and stuck to the ground. It snowed all day. By the end of the day there was probably two inches on the ground. It made me so happy. I wanted to go outside and build a snowman but never did. The snow melted on Sunday but it was still chilly out.

Speaking of snow... Josh Groban’s Noel comes out next week! I am so excited! I think we’re all excited. I am going to go to Target and buy the CD/DVD version because I would rather have that copy. I just wanted the DVD and CD so I am buying one copy, unlike some other Grobies who are buying multiple copies of all of them. I’m good with just one version. I have been telling everyone I know about the CD though, so I do feel as bad because I have been spreading the Josh. I don't even want to open the CD until December. It is way too early to listen to Christmas music before then. I probably will cave in and listen to it online somewhere before that, but I am not going to open it.

While I am out buying new CDs, I am going to go to Barnes and Noble and buy Chris Botti's newest CD. I have listened to it online and I love it. It is so cool. Chris is great on the trumpet. I think he is amazing. The CD is called Italia and it is all Italy-inspired songs. I love the title track. Andrea Bocelli sings on it and David Foster wrote it. It sounds so gorgeous. If you get a chance to listen to the CD (and you like smooth jazz) you should listen to it.

I start work today. I only work in the afternoons because I go to school in the mornings but I think I am going to enjoy working again. I worked during the summer but spent all my money so I need to work during the school year in order to pay off my debt and save for next semester's tuition. (And to buy the two CDs mentioned above.) I am going to be doing administrative work for Post-Press Services. They are a small company that need some help with general office work. I can do that. They are really far away from where I live, but not from school. So I now drive to school, instead of take the train, and then drive to work.

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