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I should be at home....

vijaykumar's picture
on October 1, 2007 - 7:39pm

I should be home getting ready to sleep. I worked until 7:00. Another of my assistants is going to be absent a while due to a close family member experiencing a medical crisis. So, we will have our work cut out for us tomorrow. It is not easy with a sub in the room. We'll survive. I am hoping my assistant's family member will be o.k.

JRNEW127...hey, thanks for your comment. That was really kind of you to say and supportive and a nice thing to hear. I have more 3 year re-evaluations to do. So the overload is not done yet.

Here's some information about autism.

1 in 144 children born are now diagnosed with autism each year.

More boys than girls are diagnosed with autism 4 boys to 1 girl

When girls have autism, it's more severe and they are more likely to be mentally impaired

The cause is still unknown. It has been associated with Fragile x syndrome, reubella, tuber sclerosis, pollution, MMR super shot which used mercury in it that's toxic to the brain, leaky gut, food allergies (milk and gluten). Research has shown brain cells to be closer together and devoid of normal pruning.

Autism characteristics:

abnormal responding in one or more of the senses (hypo or hyper responding)

abnormal communication or lack of communicative ability
lack of use of gestures to communicate
lack of imitation skills
mechanical prosody
poor social communication skills
echolalia (delayed, immediate, mitigated)
poor generalization skills

Uneven cognitive profile

Social skill deficits like:
walking into objects/people
eye gaze aversion
not aware of dangers

And I need to go home now and sleep.
Chow !

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