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OH NO!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on October 2, 2007 - 9:43am

Ok, so there's this guy..and his name is Joseph. I feel like since I started liking this guy, it's been taking all of my attention off Josh and focasing on Joe. I know there's nothing wrong with that but I told myself that I was NEVER in a billion years going to get over Josh because he's just amazing and now I realize that I've been spending less time looking up Josh videos on youtube or listening to his music or all the funny things he say. I don't want to get over Josh. I still want to be considered a huge fan of his. But the thing with Joe is he's also REALLY funny and he's my age. Of course, I knew I was never going to get the chance to be with Josh, I mean lets face it, he's so much older than me. *sad face* But mom says that I'm two timing Josh just like I two timed Orlando when I discovered Josh. She's just joking but it still drives me crazy that I feel like I shouldn't be doing that. It might be a stupid matter but I'm just like really confused. I don't ever want to stop being a Grobanite.

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